Back on 2012 I promised Marina a trip to North America as a gift for her 30th birthday. One year later we were on a plane heading Toronto, home of my friend David King. He and his family couldn´t be better hosts. David kind enough to booked the guest apartment on his building for us to stay. Luckily, he commissioned me with a painting, so I could compensate him in my own way. He didn´t specify what he wanted for the painting, so all the creative challenge was on me.

A couple of weeks before the trip, I started to lose my mind. But something clicked. All of a sudden I was creating a surreal collage of images gathered from the web. I started to build Dave´s painting without having a clue about its meaning. I called it “Deer Dreams”. I didn’t have a clear intention, nevertheless I found more than one meaning staring at it.

Back home I felt the need to explain Dave my painting. Having lived those wonderful moments, I could find lots of meaning. So, I drew a quick sketch explaining some of my interpretations.